Where can I find old-fashioned & formal hats?

Being a hat lover isn’t exactly the easiest thing in 2018. We live in a world overrun by “snapbacks” and the “dad hat.” Now, there’s nothing wrong with casual hats and they have their place. That’s good and all, but where can a guy get his head into a good old-fashioned hat?

1. The Fresno Suit Outlet

The Fresno Suit Outlet is right in the middle of beautiful Fresno, California. On the north-east corner of Blackstone Ave & Shaw Ave. As the name suggests, you can get a great suit here too. Most of the hats here are flat caps (even leather ones!), curved brim fedoras (think Jason Mraz), , newsboy caps. The hats here are of good quality. Brands seen are How D, Stacy Adams, and Bruno Capelo.

2. Free Bird Company

This is actually a record and novelty shop. It’s located in the Tower District of Fresno, California. You’ll find a great selection of straw hats here (think Jason Mraz.) You’ll also find a great selection of vinyls and a variety of hippie-dippie accessories.

3. Moon Zoom

Sometimes, there is nothing better than finding a hat that’s been previously loved. You’ll find that and other previously loved clothing at this San Jose, California thrift store. Hats isn’t all that Moon Zoom does, but they do have a great selection. From western hats to bowlers and everything in between. This store is definitely worth a visit if you are in the San Jose area.

4. Goorin Bros.

Goorin Bros is known for quality and has been around for over 100 years. Yea, one-zero-zero. You can’t be in business that long without knowing a thing or two about what you’re doing. Goorin Bros. carries a wide range of hats for men and women. Additionally, hat accessories such a pins and hat bands are available. Despite having roots in California there are locations in Colorado, the District of Columbia, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Nevada, New York, Oregon, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Washington, as well as Canada. Their prices might be higher, but expect to get what you pay for.

If you’re not near a Goorin Bros location you can purchase online at www.goorin.com.

(Photo: http://www.goorin.com/our-history/)

5. The Village Hat Shop

Last one on the list and located in beautiful Long Beach, California. The Village Hat Shop was established in 1980 and has an extensive assortment of hats available. You can even find a pith helmet at this place, more commonly known as a safari hat. Not only is this place right by the water, but it is literally a hat lovers dream. The store has so many hat styles in stock. If you find yourself in the Long Beach area give the kind folks at The Village Hat Shop a visit. Otherwise, you can shop their selection online at: www.villagehatshop.com.


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