10 Best Barbershops in California

1. Barber Bar in San Jose

As the name suggests this barbershop also serves beer. That’s right… you can have your haircut, shave, and a beer too! It’s located at the San Pedro Square Market in Downtown San Jose, California. Walk-ins and appointments are accepted.

(408) 246-4247

2. People’s Barbershop in San Francisco

A barbershop for the people. You can find this barbershop on Valencia Street right in the city. There isn’t a parking lot available at this location. However, you can park at a metered city space or bike to the shop. People’s has another location on Polk Street and one in Oakland. The Oakland location does have a paid parking lot available. Walk-ins and appointments are accepted.


3. Bastille Barbershop in Sacramento

Inspired by the takeover of the Bastille Fortress during the French Revolution. Bastille Barbershop delivers traditional barbering with a modern flair. The shop is located in Oak Park, Sacramento, Ca and is by appointment only.


4. Mike’s Barbershop in San Luis Obispo

You can find Mike’s Barbershop in the heart of San Luis Obispo. It’s a classic walk-in barbershop and is located above Barrel House Brewing Company. So you can grab a beer and sit in a barber chair from the 1920s.


5. Word Hair Stylist Master Barbers in Fresno

Word Hair was established in 1962 and is one of the oldest barbershops in Fresno. Specializing in traditional cuts and shaves. This shop even has a shoe shiner available most days. Walk-ins and appointments are accepted.

(559) 228-8000

6. Urban Cuts Barbershop & Hair Parlor in Selma

Urban Cuts brings new life to traditional styles in a modern space. Located in downtown Selma, this barbershop is in a quaint and historic area. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.

(559) 896-8361

7. Solidified Barbershop in Fresno

In the Figarden loop, the barbers at Solidified are meticulous. Putting out great work and even a variety of designs. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.

(559) 375-1946

8. The Statesman in Claremont

A boutique and grooming parlor located in Claremont Village. Pick up a tie, some socks, get your haircut, and a shave too. This barbershop has you covered and will get you looking your best. The Statesman is by appointment only.

(909) 929-0557

9. Refine’s Men’s Salon in Roseville

Not only does Refine offer haircuts and shaves, but guys can also get a facial or manicure. Located in Fountains across from the Galleria mall. Appointments and walk-ins are accepted.


10. Manly & Sons in Los Angeles

Meticulous and detailed oriented, Manly & Sons delivers a manly haircut. The team’s knowledge on traditional hair cutting is impressive. There is also another location in Venice, California. Walk-ins and appointments are accepted.


Wherever your California travels may take you… know that there are many talented barbers in the state. There are many great barbershops beyond this list. These are just a few that really stand out as being exceptional while capturing barbering culture. Support your local, Californian barber.


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