Product Spotlight: California Beard Company

California Beard Company started out in 2016 and began with humble diy roots. Chandler Sterling, company founder, was frustrated with the selection of beard products that were available and formulated a quality recipe of his own. He knew he had to share his formula with others. Now, the brand has been sold to happy customers across America in 28 different states.

The beard oils come in three different fragrances: Original Scent, Orange Tree, and Sweet Mint. There is also a fragrance free oil available if you prefer to go the unscented route. The Original Scent formula has a fragrance that mixes both tea tree and peppermint for a beard that smells nice and clean.

Orange Tree and Sweet Mint are pretty simple yet have very pleasing aromas. Orange Tree, as the name suggests, is a slightly sweet and orange scented oil. Although, this oil still maintains a clean fragrance.

Sweet Mint is truly a premium beard oil. It marries the sweet orange aroma with peppermint for a really great feeling Beard. You will feel like you’ve traveled back in time to the golden age of barbershops while wearing this beard oil. It’s an instant classic. This scent is also available in a beard balm for a stronger hold on larger beards.

All of the oils from California Beard Company are designed with your health in mind. The company’s beard products use organic and natural ingredients. The oils promote follicle and strand health which results in a healthier and better beard overall. Additionally, these products will soften your beard, help prevent dandruff, and allow your beard to grow longer by preventing split ends.

If you have a beard you owe it to yourself to give California Beard Company a shot. The oils and balms offered by this brand will help you achieve the best version of your beard.

California Beard Company is based in beautiful Los Angeles, California. However, you can shop the brand at its website below.


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