Product Spotlight: Calidog Pomade

In the past few years it seems as though there has been a revival of barbering culture. We’re loving it! Guys are allowed to focus on looking good again. However, it can be really tough to figure what kind of pomade to use. There are just so many.

Calidog Pomade was created in and is produced in Long Beach, California. Jayro Sandoval, founder of the company, is a trained chef that has always focused on organic farm to table cooking. He wanted to bring this concept to his grooming products and thus Calidog was born.

We are loving these products at California Men’s Review. Calidog’s hand-poured pomades are really one of a kind. One that I find particularly worth noting is the water based, cream pomade. Yea, that’s right, this is a cream pomade! It is such a unique type of pomade and has a matte finish. This product really stands out because it has a soft texture, but it has a medium to firm hold. It has ingredients like raspberry oil, coconut oil, jojoba oil and vegetable emulsifiers that will help nourish your hair. All that, plus it will keep on going all day without drying your hair like gel pomades can.

If you are looking for a more intense hold Calidog has you covered with their Classic pomade. This one is a strong hold, oil-based wax. This one has a matte finish and again includes natural oils that will nourish your hair. Both the Classic and Cream Pomade will allow for you to restyle your hair throughout the day if necessary.

Calidog also offers natural beard oils and body creams. The beard oils are available in two fragrances: Coffee and Spearmint. The Spearmint has a nice clean scent, is invigorating, and will have you feeling fresh. The Coffee fragrance also offers a clean scent. However, it also incorporates a stimulating coffee essential oil. This natural oil blend is a nice pick me up throughout the day.

Calidog Pomade even has body creams in two great scents. My personal favorite being the masculine Sandalwood Vanilla fragrance. If you thought there wasn’t such a thing as a manly moisturizer, this is the one. You don’t have to feel silly rummaging through the skin care section at the store only to find cucumber-melon scented lotions. The Sandalwood Vanilla Body Cream takes the cake, without smelling like one. Calidog also offers their body cream in a lavender fragrance. This one still offers a clean scent, but creates a more gentle aroma.

Calidog is truly a brand that believes in providing natural, hand-crafted, and quality grooming products to all genders. The brand is built on strength and loyalty. It started on grass roots and is deeply ingrained in Californian culture. If you’re looking for a winning pomade, Calidog Pomade has you covered.

You can shop the brand at:


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