Mason’s Pomade

Mason jars. Who doesn’t love them, honestly? John Landis Mason was the mastermind behind the timeless kitchen classic. Just like Mr. Mason, Mason’s Pomade believes in preserving quality. The brand’s packaging is reminiscent of the mason jars that we know and love. Inspired by the prohibition era with products suited for both classic and casual styles. While Mason’s has been in business for just over a year the brand offers some heavy hitters.

The product lineup is short, but remember it’s about quality not quantity. So, let’s start out with the Gel Pomade. Many gel pomades on the market can be drying to the hair, but Mason’s thought about that and infused their gel pomade with aloe leaf juice. Aloe leaf juice contains natural enzymes that condition the hair and promote growth so you don’t have to worry about it being rough on your hair. This pomade has a medium hold, is water soluble, and best used for more structured looks. Think pompadours and side parts.

If your look is more casual or a bit messier you’re going to want to go with the Matte Pomade. This pomade is pliable and offers more separation. Looking for texture? Here it is! Just like the gel pomade this one is lightly scented. I love this as I’ve never been a fan of strong smelling hair products. Best used in towel dried or blow dried hair for maximum results. If you’re not sure how to blow dry your hair check out our blow drying guide here.

I’m definitely keeping my eyes on these guys. They have some quality products worth checking out and big plans ahead. You can shop the brand at


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